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Bioassay Kit

Bioassay Kit

Bioassay Kit

바이오의약품(biologics), 바이오시밀러, 바이오베터 연구자들을 위해 기존 바이오 의약품 및 reference ligand로 validation된 bioassay Kit

Eurofins Discovery에서는 바이오의약품(Biologics), 바이오시밀러, 바이오베터 연구자들은 위해 기존 바이오 의약품 및 reference ligand로 Validation된 Bioassay Kit를 제공합니다.

재현성이 뛰어나며, lot 별 variation이 낮아(10% 이하), 후보 바이오 의약품의 약효(potency)평가 및 lot 별 품질평가(QC)에도 사용이 가능합니다.


Figure 1. Examples of eight bioassays developed as both potency and neutralizing antibody (NAb) assays for biosimilars; (A) response to three commercial insulin therapeutics (Humalog, Novolog, and Lantus) in a cellbased functional assay that measures activation of human insulin receptor; (B) a GLP1 and Exendin-4 bioassay was developed to accelerate development of biosimilars to metabolic drugs using a cyclic AMP readout in live cells. (C) A bioassay developed for anti-TNFα drugs enables users to benchmark drugs such as adalimumab,
infliximab, etanercept, golimumab, and certolizumab against their respective biosimilar molecules. (D) A simple assay determines potency of the anti-inflammatory antibody ustekinumab.

ico_chk01 Qualified Bioassay Kit
오리지널 바이오 의약품으로 Validation 된 Bioassay Kit

INN Drug Name Qualified With Molecular MOA Assay Measures Bioassay Kits Configuration
Rituximab Cytotoxicity Antibody-Dependent Cellular-Cytotoxicity 97-1012Y026-00169 2-plate
97-1012Y026-00170 10-plate
Semaglutide Ozempic® GLP1R agonist cAMP Accumulation 95-0062Y2-00175 2-plate
95-0062Y2-00176 10-plate
Aflibercept Eylea® VEGF-Trap VEGFR2 (KDR) Dimerization New HS Version*
93-0996Y1-00153 2-plate
93-0996Y1-00154 10-plate
93-0996Y1-00005 2-plate
93-0996Y1-00006 10-plate
Bevacizumab Avastin® Anti-VEGFA mAb VEGFR2 (KDR) Dimerization New HS Version*
93-0996Y1-00165 2-plate
93-0996Y1-00166 10-plate
93-0996Y1-00001 2-plate
93-0996Y1-00002 10-plate
Ranibizumab Lucentis® Anti-VEGFA mAb VEGFR2 (KDR) Dimerization New HS Version*
93-0996Y1-00167 2-plate
93-0996Y1-00168 10-plate
93-0996Y1-00003 2-plate
93-0996Y1-00004 10-plate
Adalimumab Humira® Anti-TNFα mAb IkB Degradation 93-0538B15-00131 2-plate
93-0538B15-00132 10-plate
Anti-PD-1/PD-L1 Keytruda® PD-L1-induced PD-1 signaling SHP Recruitment 93-1104Y19-00117 2-plate
93-1104Y19-00118 10-plate
Tocilizumab Actemra® Anti-ligand (IL-6) or anti-receptor (IL-6RA) drugs Ligand-induced receptor dimerization (IL6RA/IL6ST) 93-1045B3-00109 2-plate
93-1045B3-00110 10-plate
Anakinra Kineret® IL-1RA (Inhibits IL-1) IL1R/IL1RAP Dimerization 93-1032Y3-00105 2-plate
93-1032Y3-00106 10-plate
Darbepoetin Alfa Aranesp® EPOR agonist EpoR/EpoR Dimerization 93-0965Y3-00019 2-plate
93-0965Y3-00020 10-plate
Epoetin Alfa Recombinant hEpo EPOR agonist EpoR/EpoR Dimerization 93-0965Y3-00017 2-plate
93-0965Y3-00018 10-plate
Exenatide Byetta® GLP1R agonist cAMP Accumulation 95-0062Y2-00101 2-plate
95-0062Y2-00102 10-plate
Liraglutide Victoza® GLP1R agonist cAMP Accumulation 95-0062Y2-00099 2-plate
95-0062Y2-00100 10-plate
Insulin Glargine USP Insulin INSRb agonist SH2 Recruitment 93-0466Y3-00011 2-plate
93-0466Y3-00012 10-plate
Insulin Lispro USP Insulin INSRb agonist SH2 Recruitment 93-0466Y3-00009 2-plate
93-0466Y3-00010 10-plate
Insulin USP Insulin INSRb agonist SH2 Recruitment 93-0466Y3-00007 2-plate
93-0466Y3-00008 10-plate
Panitumumab ‎Vectibix® Anti-EGFR mAb EGFR/ErbB2 Dimerization 93-1051Y3-00093 2-plate
93-1051Y3-00094 10-plate
Pertuzumab Perjeta® Anti-HER2-dimerization mAb ErbB2/ErbB3 Dimerization 93-1042Y3-00095 2-plate
93-1042Y3-00096 10-plate
Teriparatide ‎Forteo® PTHR agonist cAMP Accumulation 95-0118Y2-00057 2-plate
95-0118Y2-00058 10-plate
Somatotropin, Somatropin Recombinant hGH GHR agonist SH2 Recruitment 93-0756Y3-00023 2-plate
93-0756Y3-00024 10-plate
Follitropin alfa Gonal-F FSHR agonist cAMP Accumulation 95-0119Y2-00103 2-plate
95-0119Y2-00104 10-plate
Sargramostim Leukine® Recombinant GM-CSF(CSFR2 agonist) CSF2RB/CSF2R Dimerization 93-1078Y3-00111 2-plate
93-1078Y3-00112 10-plate

*HS Bioassay kits have been further optimized to deliver reproducible results with lower variability.


ico_chk01   Target-Based Bioassay Kit

Target Molecular MOA Assay Measures Bioassay Kits Configuration
IL2RB/IL2RG IL-15 Agonist Ligand induced receptor (IL2Rβ/IL2Rγ) dimerization 93-0998Y3-00183 2-plate
93-0998Y3-00184 10-plate
93-0998Y3-00188 10-plate
(no ligand)
HER2 Cytotoxicity Antibody-Dependent Cellular-Cytotoxicity 97-1004Y021-00173 2-plate
97-1004Y021-00174 10-plate
CD19, CD20, CD38 Cytotoxicity Antibody-Dependent Cellular-Phagocytosis 97-1012Y026-00179 2-plate
97-1012Y026-00180 10-plate
97-1009Y025-00177 2-plate
97-1009Y025-00178 10-plate
CD19, CD20, CD38 Cytotoxicity Antibody- Dependent Cellular-Cytotoxicity 97-1012Y026-00169 2-plate
97-1012Y026-00170 10-plate
97-1009Y025-00171 2-plate
97-1009Y025-00171 10-plate
IL7R/IL2RG IL-7 Agonists Ligand-induced receptor
(IL7R/IL2RG) Dimerization
93-0997Y13-00081 2-plate
93-0997Y13-00082 10-plate
IL1RL1/IL1RAP IL-33 Antagonists Ligand-induced receptor (IL1RL1/IL1RAP) Dimerization 93-1067Y3-00079 2-plate
93-1067Y3-00080 10-plate
TrkA-p75 Agonist drugs SH2 Recruitment 93-0529Y3-00147 2-plate
93-0529Y3-00148 10-plate
MCHR1 Agonist drugs β-Arrestin Recruitment 93-0940Y3-00149 2-plate
93-0940Y3-00150 10-plate
GHSR Agonist drugs β-Arrestin Recruitment 93-0242Y3-00141 2-plate
93-0242Y3-00142 10-plate
LHCGR Agonist drugs cAMP Accumulation 95-0106Y2-00137 2-plate
95-0106Y2-00138 10-plate
MRGPRX2 Agonist drugs β-Arrestin Recruitment 93-0309Y2-00143 2-plate
93-0309Y2-00144 10-plate
AGTR1 AGTR1 Agonists β-Arrestin Recruitment 93-0312Y2-00125 2-plate
93-0312Y2-00126 10-plate
AGTRL1 AGTRL1 Agonists β-Arrestin Recruitment 93-0250Y2-00121 2-plate
93-0250Y2-00122 10-plate
BDKRB2 BDKRB2 Agonists β-Arrestin Recruitment 93-0189Y2-00113 2-plate
93-0189Y2-00114 10-plate
CNR1 CNR1 Agonists β-Arrestin Recruitment 93-0959Y2-00119 2-plate
93-0959Y2-00120 10-plate
C5AR1 Anti-ligand (anti-C5a) β-Arrestin Recruitment 93-0557Y2-00059 2-plate
93-0557Y2-00060 10-plate
CCR2 Antagonist drugs β-Arrestin Recruitment 93-0192Y2-00061 2-plate
93-0192Y2-00062 10-plate
CXCR5 Antagonist drugs β-Arrestin Recruitment 93-0514Y2-00063 2-plate
93-0514Y2-00064 10-plate
Exendin-4 Agonist drugs β-Arrestin Recruitment 93-0300Y2-00029 2-plate
93-0300Y2-00030 10-plate
FGFR4-β-Klotho Agonist drugs SH2 Recruitment 93-1060Y3-00089 2-plate
93-1060Y3-00090 10-plate
GPBAR1 Agonist drugs cAMP Accumulation 95-0049Y2-00139 2-plate
95-0049Y2-00140 10-plate
GLP1R Agonist drugs β-Arrestin Recruitment 93-0300Y2-00027 2-plate
93-0300Y2-00028 10-plate
GLP2R Agonist drugs β-Arrestin Recruitment 93-0572Y2-00133 2-plate
93-0572Y2-00134 10-plate
IGF1R Agonist drugs SH2 Recruitment 93-0505Y1-00069 2-plate
93-0505Y1-00070 10-plate
IL2RB/IL2RG/IL2RA Modified agonists; anti-IL2 drugs Ligand-Induced Receptor (IL2RB/IL2RG/IL2RA)
93-1003Y3-00091 2-plate
93-1003Y3-00092 10-plate
IL6R/IL6ST Anti-IL-6 mAbs Ligand-induced receptor (IL6RA/IL6ST) dimerization 93-1045Y3-00043 2-plate
93-1045Y3-00044 10-plate
IL10RA/IL10RB anti-receptor
(IL-10RA) drugs
Ligand-induced receptor dimerization (IL10RA/IL10RB) 93-0985Y3-00135 2-plate
93-0985Y3-00136 10-plate
IL17RA/IL17RC Anti-IL-17 mABs Ligand-induced receptor (IL17RC/IL17RC) Dimerization 93-0999Y3-00053 2-plate
93-0999Y3-00054 10-plate
IL31RA/OSMRb anti-ligand (IL-31); anti-receptor drugs Ligand-induced receptor (IL31RA/OSMRb) dimerization 93-1002Y3-00083 2-plate
93-1002Y3-00084 10-plate
MC4R Antagonist drugs β-Arrestin Recruitment 93-0211Y3-00085 2-plate
93-0211Y3-00086 10-plate
NPY2R (β-Arrestin) Agonist, Antagonist drugs β-Arrestin Recruitment 93-0212Y2-00065 2-plate
93-0212Y2-00066 10-plate
NPY2R (cAMP) Agonist, Antagonist drugs cAMP Accumulation 95-0077Y2-00055 2-plate
95-0077Y2-00056 10-plate
PD-1 Anti-PD-1, PD-L1 drugs SHP Recruitment 93-1104Y19-00117 2-plate
93-1104Y19-00118 10-plate
PDGFRA Antagonist drugs SH2 Recruitment 93-0823Y3-00071 2-plate
93-0823Y3-00072 10-plate
PDGFRB Antagonist drugs SH2 Recruitment 93-0493Y3-00073 2-plate
93-0493Y3-00074 10-plate
Parathyroid Hormone(PTH) Receptor Agonist drugs β-Arrestin Recruitment 93-0315Y2-00047 2-plate
93-0315Y2-00048 10-plate
SIRPa (-CD47) Agonist, Antagonist drugs SH2 Recruitment 93-1135Y19-00129 2-plate
93-1135Y19-00130 10-plate
SSTR2 Agonist drugs β-Arrestin Recruitment 93-0181Y2-00067 2-plate
93-0181Y2-00068 10-plate
TrkB-p75 Antagonist drugs SH2 Recruitment 93-0530Y3-00075 2-plate
93-0530Y3-00076 10-plate
TrkC Antagonist drugs SH2 Recruitment 93-0464Y3-00077 2-plate
93-0464Y3-00078 10-plate
VIPR2 Agonist drugs β-Arrestin Recruitment 93-0317Y2-00087 2-plate
93-0317Y2-00088 10-plate