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MaxCyte ATx

전기충격 방법을 사용하여 세포 내부로 DNA, mRNA, 화합물 등을 고용량, 고효율로 전달 할 수 있는 제품


  • Small scale에서 Medium scale 까지 transfection이 가능한 모델
  • 7.5×10⁴ ~ 7×10⁸ cell 까지 적용 가능
  • In vitro study나 연구 초기단계에서 optimization 용으로 적합

ico_chk01  Any Cell: 80여개의 Cell type-specific protocol 내장

Immortalized Mammalian Cells Hematopoietic Cells Primary Cells
  • 10T1/2 (mouse embryo)
  • C127 (mouse mammary)
  • CAP/CAP-T (human amniocyte)
  • Ba/F3 (mouse pro-B cell)
  • BHK-21 (hamster fibroblast)
  • C2C12 (mouse myoblast)
  • CHO (Chinese hamster ovary)
  • COS-7 (monkey fibroblast)
  • HEK-293 (human kidney)
  • Jurkat (human lymphocyte)
  • L6 (rat myoblast)
  • LLC-PK1 (porcine kidney)
  • MDCK (canine kidney)
  • NIH/3T3 (mouse fibroblast)
  • NRK (rat kidney)
  • PC12 (rat adrenal gland)
  • Per.C6 (human retina)
  • RAW264.7 (mouse monocyte)
  • RBL (rat basophil)
  • Vero (monkey kidney)
  • HSCs
  • PBMCs
  • B cells
  • T cells
  • γδ T cells
  • NK cells
  • Granulocytes
  • Monocytes
  • Myoblasts
  • Keratinocytes
  • Neurons
  • Fibroblasts
Mammalian Cancer Cell Lines Stem Cells Insect cells
  • A549 (lung cancer)
  • B16 (melanoma)
  • EL4 (lymphoma)
  • HCT-116 (colon cancer)
  • HeLa (cervical cancer)
  • HT-1080 (fibrosarcoma)
  • K562 (leukemia)
  • LNCaP (prostate cancer)
  • MCF7 (breast cancer)
  • MG-63 (osteosarcoma)
  • Neuro2a (neuroblastoma)
  • NS0 (mouse myeloma)
  • PANC-1 (pancreatic cancer)
  • Renca (renal cancer)
  • SK-N-SH (neuroblastoma)
  • SKOV3 (ovarian cancer)
  • SNU-1 (gastric cancer)
  • Sp2/0 (mouse myeloma)
  • THP-1 (monocyte leukemia)
  • YB2/0 (rat myeloma)
  • iPSCs
  • Embryonic stem cells
  • Mesenchymal stem cells
  • Neural stem cells/NPCs
  • S2
  • SL3
  • Sf9
  • Sf21


ico_chk01  Any Molecule: 다양한 물질의 고용량 Transfection 가능


ico_chk01  Any Scale: 최소 75K 부터 최대 2E10 개의 세포까지 scale-up 가능 (Seamless Scalability)


ico_chk01  다양한 세포에서 95% 이상의 Transfection Efficiency와 90% 이상의 Viability를 보임

Item Specification
ATx Instrument Dimensions 8” wide x 19.5” high x 17” deep
ATx Instrument Weight 48 lbs
ATx Input Power 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 1.25A
Fuse Requirements 2X 4A Slow Blow, 250V, 5X20mm
Operating Humidity 93% max
Operating Temperature 15°C – 25°C
Storage Temperature 0°C – 45°C
Modes of Operation Static
Process Volumes 15 μL – 3.5 mL
Ports Available 1 USB / 1 Ethernet

ico_chk01  EP volume, Cell number 에 따라서 다양한 PA 선택 가능


ico_chk01  7.5×10⁴ ~ 7×10⁸ 개의 세포에 수초 내로 transfection이 가능하며, reaction volume은 15ul ~ 3ml 까지 가능


ico_chk01  Processing Assembly Supporting Products

ico_chk01  Case Study

  • A Kagita et al. (2021). Efficient ssODN-Mediated Targeting by Avoiding Cellular Inhibitory RNAs through Precomplexed CRISPR-Cas9/sgRNA Ribonucleoprotein. Stem Cell Reports 16(4):985-996. doi: 10.1016/j.stemcr.2021.02.013. [자세히 보기]
  • M Sasaki-Honda et al. (2020) Generation of a transgene-free iPSC line and genetically modified line from a facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy type 2 (FSHD2) patient with SMCHD1 p.Lys607Ter mutation. Stem Cell Res 47:101884. doi: 10.1016/j.scr.2020.101884 [자세히 보기]


ico_chk01  References

1. COVID-19 치료제 개발 관련 연구

  • S Tanaka et al. (2021). A recombinant ‘ACE2 Triple Decoy’ that traps and neutralizes SARS-CoV-2 shows enhanced affinity for highly transmissible SARS-CoV-2 variants. doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/2021.03.09.434641 [자세히 보기]


2. CRISPR/Cas9 delivery system

  • [NK cells] ER Levy et al. (2021). RNA-Seq Analysis Reveals CCR5 as a Key Target for CRISPR Gene Editing to Regulate In Vivo NK Cell Trafficking. Cancers (Basel) 13(4):872. doi: 10.3390/cancers13040872. [자세히 보기]
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3. Plasmid DNA electroporation into various cell lines

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4. Protein and mRNA electroporation into CD4+ T cells

  • M Kolev et al. (2020). Enabling rapid and sensitive GPCR assay development with the MaxCyte ® STX™ Scalable Transfection System and the Codex ACTOne biosensor technology. Immunity 52(3):513-527.e8. doi: 10.1016/j.immuni.2020.02.006 [자세히 보기]


ico_chk01  Webinar

  • Development of a genome-wide CRISPR screen in CD4+ T cells to identify drug targets for immune-mediated inflammatory diseases [Webinar 보기]