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VISQUE InVivo ART Series


Live-cell imaging system inside your incubator

  1. ico_chk01  인큐베이터 내에서 장기간 세포관 가능


ico_chk01  오픈 디자인으로 안정적인 세포 환경 구현

ico_chk01  최대 6개의 플레이트까지 동시에 실험 가능

ico_chk01  Brightfield 가능
– Enhanced Contour 기술로 고화질의 이미지 보장

ico_chk01  3-color fluorescence (Blue, Green, Red)

ico_chk01  5 Megapixel camera (2448 x 2048 pixels)

ico_chk01  다양한 용기에서 촬영 가능 (6-384-well microplates, flasks)

ico_chk01  실시간 세포 이미징 및 실시간 데이터 분석 가능

ico_chk01  Cell confluence
MEF cells drug treated with different concentration of Cycloheximide

ico_chk01  Cell Count
White: RPE-1 / Green: YFP – Tublin / Red: mRFP – Histone


ico_chk01  Cytotoxicity
GFP-labelled MDA-MB-231 cells treated with 20 uM Etoposide


ico_chk01  Transfection efficiency
HEK293T/17 cells transfected with mCherry in a pcDNA3.1 expression vector

ico_chk01  Immune cell monitoring
Real time, label-free confluency measurement of Jurkat E6.1 cells growing in 96 well plate

Jurkat in suspension Jurkat on Poly D Lysine
Jurkat on Poly L Ornithine Jurkat on Fibronectin


ico_chk01  Reporter genes
EGFP knockdown in PANC-1 cells over 7 days


ico_chk01  Spheroid growth
Continuous monitoring of spheroid growth with MDA-MB-231 –GFP cells

ico_chk01  CELLCYTE studio
Automated acquisition and user-friendly image and data visualization soft ware
384 well plate까지 지원 가능

ico_chk01  CELLCYTE Analysis
Integrated real-time image analysis using smart algorithms
Cell proliferation, cell count, nuclei count, fluorescent intensity measurement



















ico_chk01  Date analysis