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Phenotypic Profiling and Screening Service

Human Primary Cell에서 조직 및 질환 모델에서 4,000개가 넘는 현재 사용되고 있는 임상약물과 1:1로 효능 비교가 가능합니다.

  • 전임상 단계에서 약물에 대한 효능 확인
  • 약물에 대한 인간 세포에서 cytokine 변화에 대한 정보 제공
  • Small molecule 및 large molecule에 대해 효능이 좋은 약물 결정 가능
  • 약물에 대한 작용 기작, 부작용, 독성 여부 등을 판명 가능
  • 현재 사용되고 있는 약물과 임의로 제조한 약물에 대해 1:1 직접 비교 가능


biomap_01The broadest, most physiologically relevant method to quickly and robustly determine the efficacy, safety, and mechanism of action (MOA) of candidate drug molecules to support their pipeline progression.
BioMAP Systems are composed of: Over 60 human primary cell-based models of tissue and disease biology / Profiling with 100’s of clinically relevant protein biomarkers / Database of 4,500+ reference compounds and a suite of bioinformatics for in-depth prediction of safety and MOA.
BioMAP informs decisions that accelerate drug candidates from testing to therapies.


Combo ELECT  Maximize the impact of your compounds in combination
Diversity PLUS  Test agents across a broad range of human disease models
Fibrosis Panel  Model fibrosis in various tissue environments
Oncology Systems  Model complexity of tumor microenvironments
Systems ELECT  Create your own customized BioMAP panel
T Cell/Autoimmune Panel  Model the adaptive immune cell microenvironment
Tox Alert for Diversity Plus  Clinically relevant toxicity insights before entering the clinic